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2019: Third “Choosing Wisely Canada” conference, in collaboration with the QMA

The year 2019 will mark another milestone in the work done by the Québec Medical Association (QMA) in the area of overdiagnosis. After sounding the alarm about the optimization of clinical practice in 2013, organizing the first Québec Symposium on Overdiagnosis in 2014, and hosting the fifth edition of the international Preventing Overdiagnosis conference in Québec in 2017, the QMA, along with Choosing Wisely Canada, is now organizing the third edition of the latter’s annual conference, to be held in Montréal in May 2019.

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This is a natural coming-together of the two organizations, which have been working together since very beginning of the Choisir avec soin campaign in 2014 to reduce the number of unnecessary medical tests and treatments. With the issue continuing to gain momentum, Choosing Wisely Canada has opened up chapters in all Canadian provinces to ensure its mission and actions take root across the country. These chapters are overseen by various organizations, depending on the province. In Québec, Choisir avec soin Québec is coordinated by the QMA to develop a provincial vision on the relevance of medical care and to take concrete steps against overdiagnosis. The QMA works in partnership with Université de Montréal’s Direction collaboration et partenariat patient (DCPP), the Alliance des patients pour la santé du Québec, and the faculties of medicine at Université Laval and McGill University.

The unavoidable issue of overdiagnosis is garnering more and more attention, as proven by the number of delegates at the first two editions of the Choosing Wisely Canada conference: close to 300 in Calgary in 2017, and 350 in Toronto in 2018. And the QMA was present at both events!

The 2019 edition is shaping up to be a great one. Delegates at this bilingual conference will enjoy a wide array of presentations, workshops, and networking, skills development and knowledge-sharing opportunities. Participants will be eligible for CPD credits. Two QMA representatives are part of the organizing committee: Dr. Guylène Thériault, member of the QMA Board of Directors and speaker on the topics of overdiagnosis, screening and informed decision-making, and Audrey Leduc, clinical relevance project coordinator. The QMA is involved in the process of selecting speakers, and in organizing and promoting the event to physicians, health-related professional orders, patient organizations, and health network partners.

Check out the upcoming issues of QMA-info for the 2019 Choosing Wisely Canada conference theme, program, and registration information!