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The Québec Medical Association asks the Government for a public debate on the issue of incidental fees

Friday 11 September 2015

MONTRÉAL, Sept.11, 2015 /CNW Telbec/ - Considering the major effects of incidental fees on Quebecers' health, the Québec Medical Association (QMA) is asking the Québec Government for a public debate on the issue, and that any proposed changes go through a full parliamentary process, including consultation. Within this context, the QMA is concerned with the Minister's recent statement about adding amendments to Bill No. 20 after holding public consultations, and the fact that he is suggesting adoption of the Bill under gag order. This in extremis addition prior to the imminent adoption of the Bill will not adequately debate incidental fees. In fact, it will limit discussions around this important issue that – in our opinion – represents a symptom of a much broader problem for our health system: the financing of health services and access to care.

The Québec Medical Association has expressed its concerns to the Minister of Health and Social Services Gaétan Barrette, and Parliamentary Leader Jean‑Marc Fournier, and has recently sought face-to-face meetings. To date, these proposals for cooperation have not been acknowledged nor answered.

"We are quite aware that the financing of health services is a priority for the Government," says Dr. Yun Jen, QMA President. "However, we consider that access to health care must remain priority No. 1. The Québec Medical Association firmly defends the principle of access for the Québec population to medically-covered services whether they are provided in a hospital or an outpatient clinic. The issue of incidental fees must be debated publicly and go through the full parliamentary process. This major concern cannot be camouflaged through a Bill that did not initially deal with incidental fees.''