The Québec Medical Association Presents Its Work to 500 International Experts

Second International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference

Montréal, September 17, 2014 - "After the first day of discussing overdiagnosis with some 500 experts from 20 countries, we can already confirm that the situation in Québec is no different than in other countries: the causes of overdiagnosis are multifaceted and multidimensional, and the strategies designed to neutralize this phenomenon and its adverse effects on the quality and accessibility of health care must aim at a set of targets," commented Dr. Laurent Marcoux, president of the Québec Medical Association (QMA) and a speaker at the second international Preventing Diagnosis conference taking place from September 16 to 18 in Oxford, England.

At the suggestion of the well-known British Medical Journal, Dr. Marcoux is presenting the two years of work done by the QMA on this issue that led to the action plan resulting from discussions with a large number of health care stakeholders.

"Many western countries attending the conference in Oxford have adopted different methods for health care organization and physician compensation, yet they still face the problem of overdiagnosis. This finding confirms the relevance of our action plan that proposes orientations and actions to address the four vectors of inflated diagnosis: patients, health care providers, the culture and the system," added Dr. Marcoux.

The next phase in the QMA's work will occur in November when Dr. Marcoux will give a presentation in Athens at the request of European government agencies/European Union paying agents. "I am pleased to find that awareness is growing. In Québec, like elsewhere in the world, the stakeholders are ready to get to work. At home, the conclusions of our action plan are set out in various reports and studies. The QMA is ready to collaborate with the different organizations concerned in order to provide a framework for the actions that will be undertaken to reduce and prevent overdiagnosis," concluded Dr. Marcoux.

About the QMA

The QMA comprises some 10,000 general practitioners, specialists, residents and medical students. Its mission is to bring together members of the Québec medical community in a context that promotes reflection and action in the best interests of the health of Quebecers.



Dr. Laurent Marcoux is available for interviews from Oxford.

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