The QMA Highlights the Appointments of Dr. Réjean Hébert and Véronique Hivon to the Cabinet

Montréal, September 19, 2012 – The Québec Medical Association (QMA) congratulates Dr. Réjean Hébert on his appointment as Minister of Health, Social Services and Seniors, and Véronique Hivon as Junior Minister of Public Health and Youth Protection in the new government. 

Dr. Hébert’s extensive experience in health care as a medical specialist in geriatrics and as a former dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Université de Sherbrooke will certainly be a major asset in fulfilling his new duties. Ms. Hivon, for her part, has shown enlightened leadership as part of the Select Committee on Dying with Dignity. There is no doubt that her experience will enable her to successfully complete the mandates she is given.  

The QMA is very interested in the development and delivery of the promises made by the Parti Québécois (PQ) related to health during its recent election campaign. Among other things, the PQ promised to ban asbestos mining and hold a parliamentary commission on the issue. In the past, the QMA has strongly criticized the development of asbestos mines and the export of this product, and considers these activities unacceptable from a medical standpoint. The QMA is dedicated to continuing to speak out on this issue.

The QMA will also monitor the abolition of the health tax as promised by the PQ. The QMA is opposed to the regressive nature of this measure that does not take income into account, and voiced its concern that the additional amounts collected by the Ministry would never go towards health care and patients.

Activity-based funding of all health institutions in Québec will also be at the centre of discussions with the government. The QMA contends that the current funding method is archaic and does not sufficiently consider the activities carried out by institutions. The QMA is ready to participate actively in developing and implementing an activity-based funding model, while remaining very vigilant about the pitfalls and dangers that these measures can pose for medical practice.

The QMA wishes Dr. Hébert and Ms. Hivon the best of luck in carrying out their new duties, as well as all the members of the new Cabinet. At the same time, the QMA offers its full co-operation in advancing the issues that affect medical practice in Québec.

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