Election Blitz - The QMA is organizing a debate on health care issues and solutions!

August 6, 2012 – As part of the election campaign in Québec, the Québec Medical Association (QMA) is inviting the health care leaders of the province’s political parties to a debate on the transformation of our health care system, its priorities and the solutions to improve the services offered. The debate will be organized for an audience of physicians who are members of the QMA, and media representatives.

The QMA has spent the past few weeks meeting with the representatives of each of the parties: Coalition Avenir Québec, Option Nationale, Québec Liberal Party, Parti Québécois and Québec Solidaire. The objective of the meetings was to gain more in-depth understanding of the directions and priorities they will endorse when they form the next Government, as the party in power or the opposition, which has enabled the QMA to prepare an election guide for physicians. In the wake of these discussions, and right from the outset, the critic for health for the Parti Québécois, Dr. Réjean Hébert, and the co-leader of Québec Solidaire, Dr. Amir Khadir, were enthusiastic about a debate and agreed to take part. Moreover, the media had already reported that Dr. Gaétan Barrette of the CAQ had invited Dr. Yves Bolduc of the Liberal Party to a debate and that he had immediately agreed. The QMA therefore proposes a forum to organize a debate on health care… a priority for all Québecers.

The QMA Info special edition election guide presents the comments made by the different political parties to the QMA. It is available immediately on the QMA’s Web site, and the publication will be sent to all physicians in Québec.

As a leader within the medical profession, over the past few years the QMA has conducted research on health care approaches and solutions, and has provided forums for sharing innovative experiences. The QMA plans to be an active partner in the search for solutions to implement to have a more efficient health care system, and it will work with the elected Government to revitalize the delivery of health care services for the greater benefit of the Québec population.


About the QMA

The QMA is made up of close to 10,000 general practitioners, specialists, residents and medical students. Its mission is to bring together the members of Québec’s medical community in a context that promotes reflection and action in order to improve the conditions for practising medicine and the health of Québec’s population.

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Source: Direction of Public Affairs

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