Press Release - 15th Annual Convention of the Québec Medical Association: Get Ready to Do Things Differently!

Montréal, April 19, 2012 – The 15th Annual Convention of the Québec Medical Association (QMA) starts this morning and will continue until April 21 at the Hyatt Regency Montréal, with the theme: Get ready to do things differently!

QMA President Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt is proud of the 2012 Convention program: “The speakers who accepted our invitation are all renowned physicians, researchers and professionals in health management.” These speakers, who come from different regions in Québec, Canada and the US, will share their experiences in developing new clinical practices and new methods of organizing work in health care.

Convention Highlights

Thursday, April 19

Dr. André Munger, a family physician at the Grandes-Fourches FMG in Sherbrooke, will start the day by presenting the Advanced Access appointment scheduling system that is designed to make appointment scheduling easier for patients by allowing them to choose the date and time that suits them best. This platform is an example of a re-engineered medical practice that makes use of technology, because it now enables a global approach to providing patients with timely health care. Next, Dr. Gerry Bédard from the Groupe santé Concerto will talk about a primary care organization model for patients with chronic diseases. In addition to explaining the benefits of managing patients in FMGs and implementing an optimal process for them, Dr. Bédard will detail the conditions for such an organization model to succeed. Subsequently, Dr. Robert Dufour from the Clinical Research Institute of Montréal will present the Éducoeur project that aims to prevent cardiovascular diseases using the approach of a multidisciplinary team to target modifiable risk factors among patients at risk. By focusing on a collaborative management approach to health care and treatment plans, this project demonstrates the benefits of managing risk factors. Encouraged by this success, another interdisciplinary program for the diabetic population is under study in six CSSSs in the Montréal region.

On Thursday afternoon, innovations in mental health care and cancer will be the first topics. Dr. Roger Turmel, a consulting psychiatrist at the Agence de santé et des services sociaux du Bas-St-Laurent, will talk about the organization model of the mental health clinic “without walls” introduced in the early 2000s. The organization model at this clinic aims to determine the clinical policies and therapeutic support to follow with patients presenting a severe borderline personality disorder. Dr. Jean-Pierre Ayoub, a medical oncologist at CHUM, and Dr. Geneviève Dechêne, a family physician at the FMG/Network Clinic in Verdun, will discuss the way hospital teams work with family physicians in all stages of cancer management in order to identify the factors that favour the continuity of care.

Thursday will end with the topic of social media and mobile applications. Dr. Matthew Katz from the Center for Social Media at the Mayo Clinic will discuss the evolution of medical professionalism related to social media. Then Christain Frenette from Bell Canada will present the interactive patient portal for home health care and systematic monitoring solutions for continuing care. To conclude, François Bastien from Telus will use concrete examples to illustrate innovative mobile applications that can help improve health care.

Friday, April 20

Friday will start with Dr. Michael Rachlis, a health care policy analyst, who will share his thoughts on the sustainability of our health care system. A panel of experts will join the discussion: Dr. Philippe Couillard, former Minister of Health, Gertrude Bourdon, Executive Director of CHUQ, Dr. Lyse Landry from AQESSS, Antonia Maioni, Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science at McGill University, and Robert Salois, Health and Welfare Commissioner.

In the afternoon, Jean-Marie Berthelot from the Canadian Institute for Health Information will talk about the care consumption habits of Quebecers. He will give an overview of the changes in health care spending in a context where the system must adapt to major funding pressures. The President of the Ordre des pharmaciens, Diane Lamarre, Dr. Jean-Bernard Trudeau from the Collège des médecins and lawyer Paul G. Brunet from the Conseil pour la protection des malades, will then discuss the sharing of roles between physicians and pharmacists. Extending the responsibilities of pharmacists – currently a hot topic – raises many challenges for the future. Finally, Véronique Michaud from the CHUM Research Centre will explain how predictive, personalized medicine can have an impact on the future of health care.

Saturday, April 21

Two speakers from major centres in the US and Ontario will be present on Saturday morning. Dr. Reva N. Adler, Vice President of Medical and Academic Affairs at Bridgepoint Health in Toronto, will talk about how this facility has become a leader in treating chronic diseases. By providing co-ordinated care and teaching for patients living with a chronic disease, physicians in the Bridgepoint Health network help them maintain an active life. Dr. William F. Dunn from the renowned Mayo Clinic will then discuss the re-engineering of systems in order to foster transformation and innovation. He will present the concept of complex adaptive systems, which are systems that can adapt to their environment through learning experiences.

Saturday will also be marked by the launch of the PMI leadership program by Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt, President of the Québec Medical Association. This will be followed by a speech by Dr. Yves Bolduc, Minister of Health and Social Services, to close the Convention.


About the QMA

The QMA is made up of close to 10,000 general practitioners, specialists, residents and medical students. Its mission is to bring together the members of Québec’s medical community in a context that promotes reflection and action in order to improve the conditions for practising medicine and the health of Québec’s population.

Source: Public Affairs, Québec Medical Association

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