Press Release - Drug Shortage

Concerted Actions to Ensure the Quality and Safety of Care for Patients

Montréal, April 17, 2012 – The Québec Medical Association (QMA) is pleased to note that the recommendations tabled this morning by the Ordre des pharmaciens du Québec, in collaboration with the Collège des médecins du Québec, the Association québécoise des pharmaciens propriétaires and the Association des pharmaciens des établissements de santé du Québec, support the position released by the QMA related to the drug shortage issue.

On March 28, the QMA stated that a thorough review of drug supply mechanisms was necessary, as well as a need for clear commitments from all parties involved in the matter, including the provincial and federal governments. “Canada’s Food and Drugs Act no longer reflects current drug production and management realities and it must be amended,” stated the QMA’s president, Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt. At the next General Council of the Canadian Medical Association to be held in Yellowknife this August, the QMA plans to submit proposals to help move the debate forward in Canada.

The QMA’s poll of members in March 2012 revealed the extent of the problem being experienced by physicians in Québec and the concerns expressed by their patients. “It is time to set aside affiliations and commercial interests in order to provide sustainable solutions. Québec physicians and the QMA are and will be taking an active part in the discussions and actions put forward,” stressed Dr. Ruth Vander Stelt. “At the end of the day, it is the patient who is most affected by this situation. Every effort must be made to ensure the quality and safety of care for patients.”

Discussions on this matter between the QMA and the various parties involved in the issue will continue in the next few days. In fact, at its annual convention to take place on April 19, 20 and 21, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency hotel, the QMA is welcoming Diane Lamarre, president of the Ordre des pharmaciens, Dr. Jean-Bernard Trudeau of the Collège des médecins, and laywer Paul G. Brunet of the Conseil pour la protection des malades, to take part in a conference on the sharing of roles between physicians and pharmacists. The detailed convention program is available at


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Source: Public Affairs, Québec Medical Association

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