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January 24, 2011 – The Québec Medical Association to go on a fact-finding and observation mission to British-Columbia and the US

Monday 24 January 2011

Montréal, January 24, 2011The Québec Medical Association (QMA) is organizing an innovative fact-finding and observation mission in order to find solutions to improve the Québec health care system.

Physicians, health care professionals (nurses, pharmacists), managers and researchers will meet with the directors of the Providence Health Care medical centre (in British Columbia) and the Cleveland Clinic Health Center (in the US). These institutions are known for their optimal use of information and communications technologies (ICT) in the service of health care professionals and their patients.

“About 50% of the population in North America suffers from at least one chronic disease. In Québec, about 3% of the population accounts for 50% of all patient days,” pointed out Dr. Jean-François Lajoie, President of the QMA. “These two clinics have exemplary organizational models to deal with this problem. We have therefore decided to send people to these locations to study the models and how they allow for optimal chronic disease management, and then share their knowledge with the medical profession in Québec,” he continued.

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Preview at the QMA symposium

At its symposium on medical organization and computer solutions titled: Will chronic diseases get the best of my medical practice?, the QMA announced a call for candidates for this fact-finding and observation mission. “We had an opportunity to listen to the presentations of these two organizational models at our symposium and we were very impressed,” commented Ms. Claudette Duclos, Executive Director of the QMA. “This mission promises to be very instructive for our Québec health care professionals, and consequently for the entire community,” she added.

The QMA’s symposium on Friday, January 21, brought together health care professionals and representatives of ICT companies. The conferences and discussions helped to identify information and communications needs for physicians, health care professionals and patients, which were shared with the ICT representatives present.

About the QMA

The Québec Medical Association (QMA) is made up of more than 9,500 general practitioners, specialists, residents and medical students. Its motto of "Doctors in action" illustrates its mission to bring together the members of Québec's medical community to improve the conditions for practising medicine and the health of Québec's population.

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