Adoption of Bill 10 - The QMA Deplores the Invocation of Closure and Remains Concerned about Centralization

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Adoption of Bill 10

The QMA Deplores the Invocation of Closure and Remains
Concerned about Centralization

Montreal, February 6, 2015 - The Québec Medical Association deplores the government’s invocation of closure in order to pass Bill 10, thereby putting an end to the consultations needed for the adoption of such a wide-ranging bill. The QMA welcomes the provisions of the bill, which are aimed at reducing bureaucracy in the health and social services system. Indeed, these provisions are consistent with comments the QMA has made in the past regarding the administrative burden. However, the Association continues to be concerned about the centralization involved in this organization of the health system. The preoccupation of the QMA is that the bill will be incompatible with current operational modes that bring decision-making closer to the clinical settings that directly offer services, and that it will fail to achieve the intended savings.

Although the government still holds substantial powers of appointment, the QMA notes that it has backed down with regard to some of these. The Association is concerned that this loss of powers of appointment will reduce the democratic power of the population and increase the politicization of the health and social services system.

At the same time, however, the Québec Medical Association is very pleased to observe that certain amendments and recommendations it had suggested in its brief to the Parliamentary Committee have been taken into account, in particular the redistribution of certain regions and the retention of the distinctive nature of Québec’s CHUs.

According to Dr. Laurent Marcoux, President of the Québec Medical Association, “It’s difficult to have a clear picture of what lies before us, given that the government’s plan for restructuring the health system is being presented in piecemeal fashion. The QMA also deplores that by acting this way, the government deprives Quebecers of consultations useful for the future of its health care system.”

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