Rates & Membership

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Being member of the QMA automaticaly makes you CMA member. Your membership is valid for an entire year.

Members category    Fee
Full member: Any member not covered by another category.    $510
1st year of practice: Year following the end of residency.    $190
** Part time practice: Member who practices/invoices less than 20 hours per week.    $363
Post-graduate : Non-practising member engaged in a research or teaching fellowship.    $291
Retired: Permanently retired member not receiving professional income.    $138
Honorary retired member: retired member with 35 years of membership in the CMA.    $138
Resident: Member registered in a residency program.    $91
Student: Member registered in a medical school in Québec.    Free
Maternity: Members on maternity leave are asked to contact us.    Reduced Fees


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For more information, contact Membership Services.

(514) 866-0660
1 (800) 363-3932

** Due to: work/life balance, partial disability, end of career, personal reasons.