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The QMA is the only professional association that gives a voice to the entire medical profession. In addition to defending the professional interests of Québec physicians, the QMA supports them both in their practices and in their personal lives.

Additionally, by becoming a QMA member, physicians also become members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). This joint membership has many advantages: a nationally-recognized platform for action and representation, a way to take part in innovative methods of practice, a series of customized services and training events, and more.


All QMA-CMA members can benefit from numerous exclusive, customized services designed for physicians. Come see the advantages of QMA-CMA membership for yourself!


QMA Annual Convention


As part of a global approach and vision that aims to improve the Québec healthcare system and the practice of medicine as a whole, the QMA Annual Convention serves as a platform for discussing current issues that gives all members a voice. During the convention, renowned speakers are able to share the results of their work and provide insights into current events. More information on www.congresamq.ca.


QMA-CMA Symposium for Physician Executives 

Physician executives need the right tools to fulfil their roles and effectively organize services to benefit patients and the general public. For that reason, the QMA has set up an annual symposium entirely dedicated to the issues physician executives face. The symposium, which touches on various topics, focuses on current issues. It provides participants with an accessible, useful forum for learning and exchanging valuable information.  During the convention, renowned speakers are able to share the results of their work and provide insights into current events that affect all members of the medical profession.

To learn more about the symposium and to register, click here.

To take a look at the presentations made at the last edition of the Symposium, click here. (In French Only)

For more information on the Physician Executives Group, click here.



2017 International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference

From August 17-19, 2017, the Québec City Convention Centre will host the 5th annual International Preventing Overdiagnosis Conference. After having sent a delegation to the 1st Conference in Hanover, New Hampshire in 2013 and participating in the Oxford (2014), Washington (2015) and Barcelona (2016) Conferences, the QMA has worked hard to be able to host this internationally-renowned event. The Conference is finally coming to Québec following a series of awareness efforts undertaken by the QMA over the past several years. For more information, visit the event's website here.

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