Leadership PLI

Leadership PLI

Different name, same courses!

The program offers a coherent step-by-step learning process that enables all participants to acquire the tools needed to become medical leaders.

The information on this page is for the QMA’s PLI Leadership program that is offered in French only. For PLI courses in English, go to the CMA Web site.

The PLI Leadership program in your region

All the courses in the PLI Leadership program are now offered in most of the regions in Québec. Instructors and co-instructors give the courses directly in the regional health institutions. The courses are organized once a minimum number of participants have expressed interest in order to avoid course cancellations.

This approach offers several significant advantages:

  • Since the courses are now offered in the regions, physicians do not have to arrange or pay for accommodations;
  • The proximity of the training site substantially reduces the travel time for participants;
  • The time savings also makes it much easier to arrange schedules;
  • The change to the way the courses are offered means that the fee of $1600 (taxes included) per course per participant includes meals (breakfast, lunch and breaks), the participant’s workbook and the USB key with all the instructional material. Please note that the fee is paid by the participating physician, unless agreed otherwise with his or her organization;
  • Finally, this new approach allows participants to share the training with colleagues who work in a similar environment in the same regional context.

How to register for PLI courses in your region

To register for one of our courses, fill out the register form (In French only). Fill out the expression of interest form (in French only) to notify your interest. Once enough participants have expressed interest, we will contact you to complete your registration and proceed with payment. For questions, please contact the QMA at 1 800 363-3932.


Connaissance de soi et leadership efficace


(self-awareness and effective leadership in French only

Duration: 2.5 days
CPD credits: 17.25

$1600 (taxes included)

Knowing how to manage your communication is essential. So is self-awareness. This continuing professional development course will give you insight into the personal attributes essential for effective medical leadership. Using the concept of emotional intelligence, you will improve your ability to influence and manage your environment by applying adapted techniques and exercises. At the end of this course, you will have discovered which type of medical leadership best suits you and be able to determine its effectiveness.


  • Understand the importance of self-control as a foundation for effective leadership
  • Learn to identify your own personality: values, principles, strengths and needs
  • Analyse the impact of emotional intelligence on your leadership style
  • Recognize the role of your personality traits in the effectiveness of your leadership and your communication
  • Use your personal strengths and better manage your limits as a medical leader
  • Create a continuing professional development action plan that includes personal objectives in order to better exercise your leadership in complex situations and while under pressure

Mobiliser les autres


(engaging others in French only)

Duration: 2.5 days
CPD credits: 17.25

$1600 (taxes included)

This course focuses on the skills that medical leaders must acquire in order to succeed in an environment that encompasses different functions and cultures. It aims to improve your ability to influence and engage others in order to gain their cooperation and commitment to reach a given organizational vision in the health care setting.


  • Influence personal relationships
  • Identify the key elements of leadership in an engaging work environment
  • Adopt a strengths-based approach
  • Understand the underlying principles of effective motivation
  • Apply best practices to build trust
  • Create a positive mindset for learning through dialogue and feedback
  • Develop recognition and feedback mechanisms
  • Provide guidance in situations where you do not have formal authority
  • Motivate others and give them the means to act
  • Use mentorship as an engagement tool
  • Facilitate the development of high-performing teams

Négociation  et gestion des conflits


(negotiation and conflict management in French only) 

Duration: 3 days
CPD credits: 21

$1600 (taxes included)

This course will enable you to develop strategies to manage conflict within an organization, avoid the difficulties that conflicts can create, and learn how effective management of conflict can enhance creativity and innovation. Through a negotiation exercise, you will develop a planned approach and practise successful techniques to achieve results in interpersonal relations.

• Manage conflicts creatively and constructively
• Use tools to facilitate collaboration and consensus
• Pro-actively monitor situations to recognize potential conflicts and manage the warning signs
• Negotiate agreements that maintain and strengthen interpersonal relationships
• Identify the impact of the culture within an organization
• Communicate effectively in situations involving interpersonal and inter-organizational relationships
• Improve your political sense and build support to achieve your objectives

Dépenses, sens et bon sens


(dollars and sense in French only)

Duration: 2.5 days
CPD credits: 17.25

$1600 (taxes included)

This course will help you understand the different funding aspects of the Québec health care system and the related economic and political issues. Through a renewed look at the sense of health care spending and a better understanding of the issues, you will be able to assess the cost-effectiveness of the services offered, evaluate a request for additional resources or determine when a situation is lacking resources to meet needs.

This course will help you answer many questions: How is the health care system funded? What parameters guide funding? How much is enough when investing in health care? Who are the stakeholders in the health care system and what are their reciprocal paradigms that guide their investment priorities? Is clinical quality a guarantee of the cost/effectiveness ratio?

• Recognize the different actors that have a key influence on the investments that are given priority in the health care system
• Identify the funding mechanism, its levels of intervention and allocation procedures
• Understand the funding gaps between programs, institutions and regions
• Apply an inclusive frame of reference to assess the performance of health care institutions: access, quality of care and services, productivity, improvement in health
• Assess the impact of medical leadership in improving cost-effectiveness
• Analyse evidence of the cost-effectiveness of the health care system in terms of quality and quantity
• Facilitate decision-making when faced with infinite health care needs in a context of limited resources

Orchestrer le changement et l’innovation


(leading change and innovation in French only)

Duration: 2 days
CPD credits: 14

$1600 (taxes included)

How to align people and organizations to build a shared vision and commitment to act is the central theme of this course. Using change management theories, you will learn to develop strategies to motivate, implement and sustain change, while also overcoming opposition to change. Through the presentation and discussion of issues and concrete exercises, you will cover different topics that include creating a resilient work environment and dealing with the impact of change.

• Understand the new trends and experiences in the Québec health care system
• Identify and apply several tools and strategies
• Consider internal and external issues when planning change
• Understand the skills required by leaders in order to implement and guide successful change
• Understand how to create teams and give them effective leadership when it comes to change
• Develop a vision, innovation and creativity to resolve problems
• Describe the elements of an effective communication strategy for change
• Understand and identify the impact of change on members of the organization
• Develop strategies to foster the ability of members to adapt to change


Every course has been tailored for the medical context in Québec. Through to the knowledge and experience of our skilled instructors and collaborators, the QMA has been able to introduce extremely relevant content and a dynamic, participatory and practical training environment. Focused on immediate application that takes the work context of the participants into account, these courses are designed for all key players and all leaders in Québec’s medical environment. This knowledge is being delivered by highly qualified instructors and collaborators.

Laurent Duchastel

Senior consultant at Stabilis Conseil

Julie Carignan

Principal at SPB Organizational Psychology Inc. 

Michel Therrien

Partner at SPB Organizational Psychology Inc.

François Rabeau

Consultant and former institutional executive director 

Gemma Pelletier

Senior consultant at Alia Conseil

Mathilde Borsenberger

Organizational psychologist at SPB Organizational Psychology Inc. 



Dr Pierre-Charles Gosselin

Obstetrician-gynecologist and former DPS at the CSSS de la Vallée-de-l’Or and Hôpital Rivière-des-Prairies

Dre Régine Blackburn

Family physician and deputy DPS at the CHU de Québec

Dr Pierre Masson

ER physician and former DPS at Hôpital Maisonneuve-Rosemont

Dr Alain Larouche

Family physician and President of Concerto Health Group


How to register for PLI courses in your region ?

  • If none of the courses are available in your region , fill out the expression of interest form (in French only). Once enough participants have expressed interest, we will contact you to complete your registration and proceed with payment.
  • You can also register to any course in any other region. If courses are announced, you can register contacting the QMA directly to fill the form. Each participant is responsible for any transportation and hotel fees.

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