CMA Partnership

partenariat amc

QMA-CMA membership

Thanks to a joint membership program, all QMA members are also members of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA). This joint membership gives you direct access to a wide variety of clinical and professional resources, financial products, events, medical leadership training courses and discounts on products for physicians.

CMA General Council

QMA-CMA joint membership also allows QMA members to participate in the CMA General Council, which is a large national meeting open to all CMA members from across the country. The General Council serves as a parliament for the medical profession in Canada. It allows delegates from provincial and territorial medical associations to discuss and debate resolutions related to the evolution of medicine in Canada.

The QMA is a very active participant in these General Councils, putting forward and debating resolutions that represent the concerns of Québec physicians and encouraging discussion of these issues among their counterparts from the rest of the country. Here are the latest resolutions brought forward by the QMA that have been adopted during the CMA General Councils:

Resolutions - 2015

Resolutions - 2014

Resolutions – 2013

Resolutions - 2012

Resolutions - 2011

Resolutions – 2010