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2018-2019 Board of Directors

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Dr Hugo Viens


A 1998 graduate of the Université de Montréal, Dr. Hugo Viens work as medical director for Clinique Dix30 as a specialist in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Viens joined the board of the QMA as a director in 2014.

Vincent Demers
Dr Vincent Demers


Dr Vincent Demers graduated from Laval University in 2002. He started practicing family medicine in the Lower North Shore, then in Nunavik and in downtown Montreal, before settling in Quebec City in 2015. After practicing in the fields of emergency, hospitalisation, dispensary, mental health, addiction, as well, amongst migrants, homeless people, and the natives. He now home cares a geriatric clientele in loss of autonomy. He also follows vulnerable patients at the GMF ProActive Neufchâtel Health and collaborates in the community and teaching clinic SPOT.

In parallel to these activities, He held several medical management functions, mainly as head of the medical department of the Plateau Mont-Royal CLSC, head of the department of general medicine at the CSSS of Lower North Shore and the CSSS Jeanne-Mance, CMDP president of Basse-Côte-Nord, medical advisor in the General and Chronic Diseases Branch of the Montreal Health Agency and Montreal Regional Manager of Client Access Stations without a family doctor. He is currently medical director of the GMF ProActive Neufchâtel Health.

Prior to his term as a QMA administrator and a member of the finance committee, he became involved with the Quebec Medical Association as chair of the continued medical education committee and participated in the General Councils of the Canadian Medical Association in Calgary and Ottawa. He holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from McGill-HEC Montréal EMBA (2015).

Dr Yun Jen
Outgoing president


Dr. Yun Jen earned her doctorate in medicine from the Université de Montréal in 1995 and her specialty certification in public health and preventive medicine from the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada in 2000. She also holds a master’s degree in community health from Université Laval (2000) and a certificate in international health from the Pan American Health Organization (2001). Dr. Jen began practising with the Department of Community Health of the Outaouais and in 2008 joined the Institut national de santé publique du Québec (INSPQ), where she primarily dedicated her efforts to healthy lifestyle promotion and obesity prevention. She is currently a medical advisor for the Institut national de santé publique du Québec, where she specialises in knowledge transfer in perinatality and early childhood.

Dr. Jen is also a clinical faculty member for the Departments of Social and Preventive Medicine of Université de Montréal and Université Laval.

She was president of the Québec Medical Association from 2013 to 2015 and continues to serve on the QMA Board of Directors.

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Dre Michèle Pelletier


Dr. Michèle Pelletier, a graduate of the Faculty of Medicine at Université de Montréal, has dedicated her career to practising general medicine, primarily in the field of emergency care.

Upon completing a master’s degree in health services administration from the same university, she served as the director of professional and hospital services in two institutions in the Laurentian region for almost 10 years, followed by a position as a clinical advisor for the ambulatory services regional programming project in the Laval region.

From 2002 to 2007, she was a director of practice within the strategy and performance consulting group at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton. During her years as a consultant, she held several interim director positions in medical affairs and worked on numerous consulting mandates, primarily in medical and clinical organization, revising organization plans, strategic planning, and performance analysis and optimization.

From January 2008 to January 2015, she worked in various capacities at the Association québécoise d’établissements de santé et de services sociaux (AQESSS). She started out as the director of medical affairs, followed by the position of executive assistant and director of medical and university affairs. After the association’s organization plan was revised, in addition to executive assistant, she also took on the job of director of the organization of services, medical and university affairs until July 2014. From July 2014 to January 2015, she was the director of the office of medical and university affairs. She has been retired since June 2016.

She is the treasurer of the Québec Medical Association and has been a member of the Board of Directors since April 2015.

M. Alexandre Elhalwi


Alexandre Elhalwi is a medical student at McGill University where he will be starting his second year of clerkship in July 2018. Before focusing on studying medicine, he completed a bachelor’s degree in sports therapy and a master’s degree in behavioural medicine.

Throughout his studies, he has been involved in student unions, in organizing many events, conferences and in a science education and awareness program for youth. Alexandre has also been active on the QMA Student Committee since 2016. He became a member of the QMA’s Board of Directors in 2018.

adam hofmann

Dr Adam E. Hofmann


Dr. Adam E. Hofmann is a general internal medicine specialist and a health technology entrepreneur. He is the founder of Medmo by Éfficacité M.D., a Web and mobile app designed to link physicians and other health professionals through innovative algorithmic technologies, greatly increasing the efficiency of communication. Dr. Hofmann also created a publicly funded evidence-based preventive health care clinic. In two years, Cliniques Préventia Clinics has become a financially viable chain of three clinics with more than 4000 patients and a dozen physicians. Dr. Hofmann became a member of the QMA’s Board of Directors in 2018.

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Dr Frantz-Daniel Lafortune


Dr. Frantz-Daniel Lafortune has been a director since April 2016 as a resident member. As the founder and then president of the QMA Students Group from 2003 to 2007 (now the QMA’s Students Committee), under his leadership a team of representatives was created in each of the faculties of medicine in Québec.

In November 2006, he organized a benefit concert with the I Medici di McGill orchestra in partnership with the Canadian Medical Foundation, collecting $37,000 for a bursary program for students with financial difficulties. He is a co-founder of the Colloque médical étudiant du Québec (CMEQ) and the CaRMS interview simulation.

He was a board member of Groupe Espace Santé from 2006 to 2008, and of the Fédération médicale étudiante du Québec (FMEQ) from 2008 to 2009, and was on the 1st medical advisory board of Santé inc. magazine from 2012 to 2013.

A 2010 graduate of the MD/MSc program at Université Laval, he won the first award of excellence in research from the Fondation Paul-A. Poliquin in 2003, a scholarship from the Fonds de recherche en santé du Québec (FRSQ) in 2005-2007 and the QMA’s Emerging Professional Award in 2011.

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Dr Abdo Shabah


An experienced emergency physician, innovator and public-health specialist, Dr. Abdo Shabah founded HumanITas in 2013 to capture, organize, visualize and share organizations’ essential information through the most advanced distributed mobile technologies. He has participated in many humanitarian missions, conducts research in information technology in disaster settings and continues to serve in the International Emergency Response Unit with the Canadian Red Cross.

Dr. Shabah has worked as an Emergency Medicine Physician, Aeromedical Evacuations, for the province of Quebec since 2007 and as an Emergency Physician in a Level I trauma centre in Montreal since 2008.

Dr. Shabah holds an MBA from McGill University, as well as an MSc in Healthcare Administration and an MD from the University of Montreal Medical. He also has a Certificate in Humanitarian Studies, Crisis/Emergency/Disaster Management from the Harvard School of Public Health.

Dr. Shabah has been a director on the Board of the Québec Medical Association and on the Board of the Canadian Medical Association since 2015.

Dr Guylène Thériault 


With a medical degree from the Université de Montréal, Dr. Guylène Thériault, who did her residency at McGill University, also has a degree in evidence-based healthcare from the University of Oxford, England.

A family physician since 1996, Dr. Thériault has also been member of the clinical leaders group of Choosing Wisely Canada since its creation.

In addition to her clinical duties and research interests, Dr. Thériault has been teaching evidence-based medicine and shared decision-making to students, residents and physicians for several years. Since 2013, Dr. Thériault has given numerous presentations on the topic of overdiagnosis to physicians and health care professionals. She is also a speaker at various events for patients, and covers a number of topics, including screening, overdiagnosis and shared decision-making.

A member of the Board of Directors of the Québec Medical Association since April 2016, Dr. Thériault is also president of the CPDP of the CISSS de l'Outaouais since July 2016.

Appointed to the position of Assistant Dean, Distributed Medical Education, at McGill in 2016, Dr. Thériault is the founder of the centre for the advancement of evidence-based health care, a Web site that proposes tools to help incorporate preventive clinical practices. 

Dre Nancy Rondeau2

Dr Nancy Rondeau 


A graduate of Emergency Medicine from Université de Sherbrooke, Dr. Nancy Rondeau has been practising at the Centre hospitalier du Suroît in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield since 2003, and has served as a member of the hospital foundation’s Board of Directors since 2013. In addition to practising emergency medicine, she has worked in palliative care for the region’s long-term care centres since 2016.

Dr. Rondeau previously held positions at the Centre hospitalier universitaire de Sherbrooke and at the Moncton City Hospital in New Brunswick, following which she worked as a locum in Québec’s regions.

Over the years, Dr. Rondeau has played various administrative roles at her hospital, including serving as a member of the CPDP, a medical coordinator, and an assistant in the Direction des affaires médicales.

She joined the Québec Medical Association’s Board of Directors in 2018.


M. Normand Laberge 
Executive Director


For close to 30 years, Normand Laberge has been working for organizations linked to the health care and legal sectors, and has acquired solid expertise in the strategic management of non-profit organizations. He has been particularly focused on Canada’s health care community over the past few years, and has developed a close collaborative relationship with provincial and federal authorities.

With a Master’s degree in business administration, he has served as CEO of the Canadian Bar Association – Quebec Branch, vice-president of the Canadian Association of Radiologists, and more recently, vice-president of Rx&D Ottawa (Canada’s Research Based Pharmaceutical Companies).

Mr. Laberge is a founding member of the Wait Time Alliance, a coalition of seven medical societies representing more than 50,000 physicians in Canada whose purpose is to reduce wait times, a priority issue for the Canadian Medical Association. In 2003, he received the Excellence in Association Leadership Award from the Canadian Society of Association Executives for his outstanding work in association management, change management and organizational development, and having demonstrated exceptional leadership.



Students Committee

  • Salma Rehimini (présidente)
  • Vanessa Danielova (vice-présidente)
  • Alexandre Elhalwi (président sortant)
  • Angèle Lam Giang Trinh (vice-présidente sortante)
  • Isabelle Desbiens
  • Lara Fesdekjian
  • Nickolas Gagnon
  • Anson Lee
  • Minh-Duc Ngo
  • Catherine Nguyen
  • Stéphanie Roux
  • Julie Abou Samra
  • Davy Vanderweyen
  • Raymond Rui Min Zuo

Past Presidents Forum

  • Dre Yun Jen, President
  • Dr Jacques R. Beauchamp
  • Dr J. Edwin Coffey
  • Dr Marcien Fournier
  • Dr Henry Haddad
  • Dr Jean-François Lajoie
  • Dr Bruno J. L’Heureux
  • Dr Laurent Marcoux
  • Dr Gilles A. Massicotte
  • Dr Robert Ouellet
  • Dr André Sénikas
  • Dr Jean-Bernard Trudeau
  • Dre Ruth Vander Stelt
  • Dr Stanley Vollant
  • Dr Daniel Wagner



General Management

Executive Director

Normand Laberge

Professional Services

Professional Services Director

Mélissa Bourgoin

Administration, Membership and Marketing

Administration, Membership and Marketing Director

Annie Bilodeau

Membership Officer

Christelle Rosemond


Communications Director

Denise Pelletier 

Communications Coordinator

Fabienne Papin

Communications Officer

Etienne Grandin




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